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Workbooks, Checklists, Guides, Tools and Resources to help you with your Online business.


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1. Get Started With Your Business Online

  • Online Presence Checklist

  • Goal Setting

  • Daily Productivity Checklist

  • Nail Your Niche

  • Your Core Offerings

  • Understand Your Customer

2. Branding

  • How To Establish Your Brand

  • Brand Consistency Checklist

3. Website

  • DIY Website Development Workbook

  • Website Development Survival Checklist

4. Email Marketing

  • How To Craft Your Perfect Email Sequence

5. Blogging

  • Blog Conversion Checklist

  • The Ultimate Guide To SEO for Blogging

  • Top 10 SEO Tips For Bloggers

6. Marketing

  • 11 Marketing Ideas For Your Business

  • Click Worthy Headlines

7. Social Media

  • Vlogging Topic Ideas Superlist

  • Content Scheduling Checklist

8. Tools

  • Lists of apps, tools, resources to use in all areas of your online business

Had a fantastic experience with Technology Coaching. Great way to positively focus on what I'm doing for the week ahead and chat with other business owners who are in the same boat. Would highly recommend.

Ally Houston

Founder of Paleo Canteen - The Uk's Premium Low Carb and Paleo Food Company

Great training with Technology coaching today!


I can't wait to start working on my goals and use the Facebook group to stay accountable!


Thank you Sooz! 

Iona Bruce

Iona Bruce Fitness & Health FX  Business Coaching

I would recommend Technology Coaching to any entrepreneur and business owner wishing to take their business to the next level, grow their audience, develop the mindset to reach new goals and develop marketing and systems and strategies.

Clemence Crocquet

Founder of Scapa Fest - Sustainable Living in Action

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